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For the full spectrum of the ungulate family

Cervidae is built to perform at the highest possible level, giving demanding hunters the concealment they need.  Cervidae is supremely powerful, obliterating human form, distorting perceived distance, and confusing sense of movement.  Because of its design features, cervidae works across the spectrum of the ungulate family in their natural environments.  That means dominating in all subalpine environments throughout the world.

We dug deep into research on the entirety of the ungulate’s vision, perception, behavior and habitats to inform this aggressive design.  The ungulate family sees and perceives the world around them in a very specific way.  Understanding as much about their abilities as possible was crucial to informing and perfecting Cervidae.

The shapes and distortions in Cervidae are all carefully designed to fill a specific set of needs for the demanding hunter.  While members of the ungulate family have what we would consider poor vision, they are very good at identifying shape, and are highly sensitive to movement.  Cervidae is built to confuse those perceptions and sensitivities, granting the dedicated hunter concealment like no other.


Approximate Sizes

FULL Meter Wide 100cm x 100cm ( 40" inches x 40" long )

HALF Meter Wide  50cm x 100cm (  20" inches wide x 40" inches long )

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