US PAINT DTP (direct to plastic) BASE COAT PAINT

Direct To Plastic (DTP) Basecoats

U.S. Paint’s DTP Basecoats eliminate both the need for flame treating and the need to use adhesion promoters when painting and decorating TPO and PP substrates.  They have also shown excellent adhesion properties when tested on other plastic substrates.

U.S. Paint’s DTP Basecoats have passed and exceeded specifications for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and other major Power Sports Manufacturers.  These single component products provide ease of application and can be air-dried or force-cured before being decorated.  The extended decorating “window” of the DTP Basecoats provides improved process flexibility when compared to other hydrographic basecoats.

When used along with U.S. Paint’s Enhanced High-Gloss and Low-Gloss Clearcoats, the DTP Basecoats provide ultimate performance and exterior durability in many different environments.


A full palette of colors is currently available and the U.S. Paint Color Group will custom-match the colors you desire for your specific needs.

Other Applications

U.S. Paint’s DTP Basecoats have also shown advantages when used in non-hydrographic applications, eliminating the need for adhesion promoters for both solid color and metallic coatings on TPO and PP substrates.


Polyethylene can be very difficult to paint and achieve good adhesion properties.  Although U.S. Paint’s DTP Basecoats were designed specifically for TPO and PP, they have been found to provide good adhesion properties when applied over flame-treated polyethylene.