As the outer layer of any finish, clearcoat paints serve as the barrier of protection for the basecoat and always enhance the durability and appearance of the paint.  U.S. Paint leads the industry by producing the highest quality 2K acrylic urethane clearcoats available.  While initially designed to work with our basecoats, our clearcoats have become so popular that companies are using them outside of our systems.  Why?

Appearance and Distinction of Image (DOI)

As a major supplier to the motorcycle and power sports OEM’s, we’ve learned that providing a high distinction of image is critical to achieving the showroom finish highly desired by these manufacturers.   Our 2K clearcoats offer great sag control on vertical surfaces with excellent flow and leveling.


Creating a finish that maintains its luster is challenging in any environment.  Our clearcoats have proven successful for years in some of the most demanding applications requiring extensive resistance to UV, saltwater, and extreme weather.

Buffability, Workability & Finessing

Clearcoats from many manufacturers suffer from being too hard or too soft.  Hard clearcoats can’t be buffed real well and soft ones cause the paint to shift around during the buffing process.  Extensive experience in designing and producing clearcoats for a variety of plastic substrates has allowed us to achieve characteristics that most other paint manufacturers have not been able to match.  This enhanced buffability helps speed up the production process and makes re-finishing easier and quicker.

Environmentally Friendly

Our 2K acrylic paint systems are available to meet the industry environmental standards of less than 3.5 lb./gal. of volatile organic compounds or VOCs.