Dip Bite® Hydrographic Paint

DIP BITE ® Is a Professional but economical alternative to US Paint 

If you are looking for a professional grade Hydrographic paint at a great price this is the Paint for you.

Unlike standard paints where the hydrographic film inks sticks to it , the Dip bite paint chemically bonds with the inks in the film.

 Dip bite paint is a non catalyst solvent based paint enhanced with adhesive promoters 

Has great adhesive qualities , brod dipping window and if you have a bad dip does not require re sanding ( just rise off PVA with hot water let dry and repaint )

Works well with all Clears on the Market.

Dip Bite has been used by companies such as Roybi and Star electric HG Global etc,

It has also used by hydrographic decorators as a color coat  on top of US Paint when a brite color is wanted that US Paint cannot provide 

Other then the commercial grade US Paint DTP, DIP BITE paint is the best paint on the market.